Phase 1 of the Resettlement Project

The State has outlined the Resettlement of Isle de Jean Charles as a three phase project – (I) Initial Outreach and Needs Assessment, (II) Master Planning and (III) Development and Construction.

Phase I: Initial Outreach and Needs Assessment marked the State’s initial efforts to begin what will be a long-term and extensive outreach and engagement process, and was designed to capture an early sense of the Isle de Jean Charles community’s needs leading up to its eventual resettlement.

The State is committed to a community-driven planning and development process, and in Phase I, the project team embarked on activities to map and document the physical features and assets currently present on the Island while simultaneously engaging with each individual residential household. This initial data will provide the baseline by which a more robust master planning effort will take place in Phase II.

View the IDJC Phase One Report

View the IDJC Final Site Selection Report



Timeline of Events