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As seas rise, coastal communities face hard choices over 'managed retreat'

Key decisions on whether to go, what to protect, access to affordable housing and community culture need to be decided, but few are ready to talk seriously about the threats
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New efforts to fight sea level rise as vanishing island serves as a cautionary tale

All across the US, land is slowly disappearing due to rising sea levels caused by climate change. It’s an issue the Biden Administration is prioritizing, recently investing $1 billion to enhance efforts to protect vulnerable areas at risk of increased flooding. 
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This Louisiana neighborhood is retreating in the face of climate change

In early May, President Joe Biden stood in front of the 70-year old Calcasieu River Bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana. With the aging bridge in the background, he spoke about the hurricanes that have battered the town over the last year, emphasizing the need for infrastructure to adapt to the increasing severity of storms influenced by climate change.
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Indigenous tribe in Louisiana relocates as rising seas engulf their homes

Rocks are pictured that have been added recently to the eroding Island Road, which is the only way onto Isle de Jean Charles.
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Welcome To 'The New Isle': Isle De Jean Charles Residents Get A First Look At Their New Home

On a recent Wednesday, state employees with the Office of Community Development welcomed Louisianans as they pulled into what will soon be their new driveway. They handed out information folders and showed residents to the empty plots of land where their new homes will one day stand.
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Isle de Jean Charles residents view future homes for the first time

Isle de Jean Charles residents got to see their future homes for the first time Wednesday.
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Fading Away: Louisiana's Battle Against Coastal Erosion

A lattice work of marsh and canals, the Louisiana coastline, is vanishing. A mixture of saltwater intrusion and sinking land has contributed to one of the fastest disappearing places on the planet, and an existential threat to the state itself.
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Preserving Our Place: Isle de Jean Charles

It’s a beautiful warm morning in south Louisiana, as I travel down to my home, Isle de Jean Charles—“The Island.” 
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Louisiana’s population is already moving to escape climate catastrophe

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, St. Tammany parish was a rural, sparsely populated corner of southeastern Louisiana best known for sawmills and a smattering of fancy resorts. 
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