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Building stronger: Island resettlement's homes designed to help weather storms

Residents relocating from an eroding island off Terrebonne Parish will move into homes built and designed to help weather hurricanes.
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Tribal leaders raise ‘serious concerns’ about plans to turn their shrinking Louisiana island home into a ‘sportsman’s paradise’

After a long state and federal push to relocate the Indigenous people of Isle de Jean Charles from their threatened homeland, new recreational development around the island risks further colonial displacement.
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Our debt to places that are sinking

US policy doesn’t properly recognize slow-moving disasters like climate change — while marginalized communities face the rising waters.
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To Flee, or to Stay Until the End and Be Swallowed by the Sea

On the Isle de Jean Charles in the bayous of Louisiana, the nation’s first federally funded climate migrants have a decision to make as their ancestral island disappears.
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Native American tribes express concern about development on Isle de Jean Charles

Native American leaders are questioning why Terrebonne Parish officials are considering new sites for fishing camps on Isle de Jean Charles when residents are being encouraged to leave the island as it erodes into the Gulf of Mexico.
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The Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe is losing homes to erosion on the Gulf Coast

Chris Brunet points to the stumps of dead trees throughout his yard. “This whole place looked completely different when I was growing up,” he says. “There’s not much left now.”  
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How ‘managed retreat’ can help communities facing sea-level rise

In 2016, the residents of Isle de Jean Charles, a small strip of land off the coast of Louisiana, received a $48-million grant to relocate their entire community. Faced with sea-level rise and rapid erosion, many made the decision to seek higher ground, even though the process was a heart-wrenching one.
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Louisiana ‘climate refugees’ lose faith in relocation project

State's nearly $50 million plan has yet to relocate any Isle de Jean Charles residents
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What is Needed for Fair and Equitable Managed Retreat?

The Inupiat of Alaska recently created an entirely new word, usteq, to describe a catastrophic combination of permafrost thaw, flooding, and erosion that can lead to total land collapse. 
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